Our Great Team

Marie-Chantal Giguère

For the past 20 years, I perfected my sewing techniques and I have fallen in love with the trade that allowed me to fulfill my dream of owning a business by buying the store that I loved so much which fuel my passion.

Ann Ivall

I am passionate of sewing since I was 10 years old. I am very good with my hands and I like crafts.

I love to help people and to find solutions to sewing problems. I love my job.

Danielle Desjardins

I have been sewing for at least 25 years doing different type of projects includes graduation gowns. I have multiple passions including knitting, crafts and painting. I am also adding quilting to those passions. I joined Paquette Textiles’ team to help you realise your projects.

Louise Côté

I followed my dear Mother that taught me all the tricks of the sewing trade. I love sewing and I never stopped learning by taking sewing classes to get better. During my retirement, what better idea than to spent my free time in a sewing store... a child dream... working in a domain that I love!

Marie-Ève Morin-Belleau

When I was a child, I fell in love with manual and creative work. Knitting, drawing or any other artistic activities, I could never get enough. I am very detailed driven and I love work well done. My abilities learned through my formal artistic learning and in my professional life will allow me to help and guide you in your creativity.

Nicole Lateigne

My passion has always been sewing, especially medieval costumes, ma favorite. I love to create and invent new projects. I love textiles that let me evolve in my creation. I love Paquette Textiles, a family business, that let me join its great team. I hope to help you soon.

Élise Brunet

Sewing, knitting, all kinds of handiwork.... I like to undertake various projects and feel proud to see them thru. I started sewing over 30 years ago and I’m always curious about new things. I’m interested in what you want to do and nothing pleases me more than helping you if required.

Karen Grégoire

I learned to sew from my mother and made my first dress at age 10.  When I retired, I returned to sewing as a great creative outlet.  I love to sew quilts, as well as clothing for myself, my family, and my grandchildren.  I have learned a lot in the past few years and I am eager to share my knowledge and love of sewing with you.

Ruby Lacerte

I graduate in art and studied at the École de joaillerie de Montréal in several specialities. I am today at Paquette Textiles where I rediscover my passion for sewing. I was fortunate to have a family that supported me in my passion and today I can say that with all my art experience, I can help you solve your sewing problems.

Nicole Grégoire

Since a teenager, sewing and knitting nourished my creativity and my curiosity. Clohting, quilting, sock, sweatshirt... every project let me learn new technics and approaches. But the most enjoyable is to share my passion!